Principal Erin Melkonian of Erin Melkonian Interior Design
Leads a dedicated team of talented designers.

Seeing the world through an artistic lens has allowed Erin to experiment with a variety of styles and aesthetics. Everything she does with a space is deliberate, and every piece has a purpose. Erin carefully considers colors, positions and scales, and she creates spaces that are visually stunning and demonstrate incredible functionality. Erin proudly collaborates with her team of designers to create unique and personal spaces for every client.

Principal Erin Melkonian of Erin Melkonian Interior Design 

Meet Our Team

Jeannine Solberg, Senior Project Manager

Jeannine Solberg
Senior Project Manager

Maggie Lopez, CAD Design

Maggie Lopez
CAD Design

Olivia Schmitz, Designer

Olivia Schmitz

Kelli Kojababian, VP of Business Development

Kelli Kojababian
VP of Business Development

Warehouse / Installation Team

Warehouse / Installation Team at Interior Services & Design

From left: Larry Rios, Bertha Barreto, Isai Marquez, Maria Elena Robles