Blue? No wait, red! How about green? Better yet, yellow!

It’s no secret that color is a powerful tool that can impact our mood and reactions. But have you ever stopped to think about how your office décor is impacting your employees? Or how it could EMPOWER your staff?

Well if you haven’t, now is your opportunity because we’re exploring how to use each color’s influence to create a thriving company environment!


Why so blue? Blue often has a relaxing and comforting association. However, studies have discovered people tend to be more productive in blue rooms. Looking to get things done? This might be the color for you!


Red not only evokes passion, but it also sends a message of bold power and exciting energy. Its intensity can give your employees just the right amount of zest to get the job done.


color green

Ever heard the quote, “An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere?”

This might very well be true! The earthy color symbolizes cheerfulness and good luck. Try adding plants to a blank room to create a soothing, yet refreshing atmosphere.


Oh yellow, you make us smile. This sunshine color represents warmth and happiness. If you are looking to uplift and encourage your employees, you might want to give yellow a try!


color purple

Did someone say royalty? Now we could get used to that! The deep rich mysterious color reflects a sign of greatness and wisdom. Perhaps, purple hues and shades are what your team needs to get things done like the royals.


color orange

If you like the color orange, then you might be an enthusiast! This attention grabbing color is often connected to liveliness and spirituality. Its energetic sensation can bring joy and compassion to your colleagues!

And those colors are just the start! Now with so many more it can be easy to feel inspired and confused all at the same time, but fear not! Rethinking your company’s workspace to create refreshing designs that best accommodate your team’s needs is what we do best!

If you are looking to add blue walls, red accents, green decor, yellow furnishing, purple arrangements or orange features call us at (559) 276-7300 to let the experts deal with the stress so you can enjoy the rest!

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